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Tips For Making Jewellery With Beads

Tips For Making Jewellery With Beads

As a hobby, making beaded jewellery is a fun and inexpensive way to have fun, that literally anyone can do. As the industry has grown the materials and supplies you need to create your pieces are readily available. Aside from a few things, like wire or thread and a few beads, you can get started overnight.

Making your own jewellery has become an exciting and new hobby for many women and men. It is easy to get started and once the basics have been mastered it is so easy to get started you will not be able to stop.

To start off with it is very handy to have a beadboard. A beadboard is a board with different measurements and compartments. It helps you have a clean and tidy surface to set up and start work on.

Bead boards are relatively inexpensive and really do help the beginner set out the correct measurements to make a piece of jewellery the right length, it also helps place the beads in a nice order correctly before threading them on.

A beadboard allows you to play around with the formation and produce final decisions before threading. Each board has a section to place beads while sorting through them too which is handy.

A set of tools is needed to start off your collection these can be bought from crafts shops or online too. They are handy to help crimp, fasten, bend and shape so are really essential.

Making jewellery is simple; there are so many designs for everyone. Some magazines and books have step by step guides to follow to get you started.

Sky television also has a channel for jewellery as well as selling all tools and beads. Beads start off relatively cheap and work up to more expensive semi-precious stones that can make a large item costly to make.

In stores look at the prices each bead has and work out the net profit if you are making items for resale.

If you are making items to re-sell consider the whole price of making the item including the fastenings and the time and effort put into that piece.

There are several ways to make jewellery from beads. The basic way is to create a string of beads either on twine or cord. You can even use basic threads, silk threads or nylon threads. The beads are arranged on the string in a pattern you select and then tied off in pieces such as jewellery, earrings and hairpins.

The beads for making jewellery come in a wide array of colour and styles. Though most beads are, plastic, metal or wood, or glass beads, you can also get beads in precious stones and precious metals to really dress up your piece. For your first few pieces, it makes sense to use inexpensive beads made of plastic or glass and just play around making your jewellery. Once you have found your style and if you are ready to move forward into more expensive beads you can seek out a wholesaler and start buying in bulk.

To enhance the overall visual effect of the beads, a number of knotting and stitching techniques are recommended. There are simple knots and stitches for beginners, and with practice, they will be able to progress to the more complicated and fancier methods used in making beaded jewellery. It’s interesting to note that knots have mystical connotations in some cultures. For some East Indians, knots can be used to curse a person.

In Gypsy lore, it is important to untie knots in the clothing of a woman in childbirth. And the expression ‘tying the knot’ derives from the ancient Romans when the groom would untie the knots of his bride’s girdle before consummating the marriage. In which case, it should be ‘untying the knot.’

Advanced knotting techniques and innovative stitching techniques are available to really enhance the overall look of your jewellery. From basic loop knots and simple stitches to fancier and intricate knots interwoven stitches and complicated patterns, these jewellery techniques can produce some unforgettable pieces.

If you are serious about making jewellery from beads you need to learn more about the materials available. You also need to learn about the advanced techniques used today to enhance the products you produce. Remember you are creating something that needs to last and needs to maintain its lustre, if you take the time to learn the techniques and find quality material, you won’t be sorry.